We got a phone call one day in the summer of 2001 to learn that the Alexander Calder Foundation, the Whitney Museum, and the Pace MacGill gallery were collaborating on worldwide museum tour of Alexander Calder’s Circus. I was asked if I would be interested in shooting Calder’s Circus for the tour, to be accompanied by an exhibition of my pictures.

To make sure I was the right fit for the project they sent me one horse and  a necklace that Calder had made as a gift for his wife. I had just one day to explore and photograph these objects. It’s hard to describe how a little red horse can be so inspiring and fun and easy to take pictures of! There was something so dynamic and a alive in this small object fashioned from wood and rusty wire.

I then met with Arne Glimcher at Pace to talk about the project. Everyone had loved the images and the project was a go. We were set to start mid September 2001. But then 9/11 happened, and unfortunately the project never materialized.